Bridal Shower

 Bridal Shower Etiquette

  First of all, usual bridal shower starts with invitations. They set the tone for your pre-wedding party. We offer party invitations to please any bride. Furthermore, you can give wedding cards to the guests so they could write down their wishes and advice. Secondly, think of the bridal shower theme. Decorate the room with our pink-and-gold bunting, party kits, and captivating tableware. Also, you may enjoy beautiful wine glasses with humorous phrases and small pictures on them. Even such a trivial detail as salt and pepper shakers can transform the whole table decor. 

   At the bridal party guests traditionally bring presents to prepare the bride-to-be for married life. If you have no clue how to surprise her, you should see our tips. We offer a variety of items, such as jewelry, cosmetics, and kitchen favors for you to choose. Browse our store and select everything you wish.

Bridal Shower Favors

  Delicious honey and strawberry jam jars may symbolize the sweet life you wish to the future spouses. Oil bottles, kitchen whisks, and heart-shaped measuring spoons can be a superb addition to kitchen accessories. Also, the bride might need tea infusers and cheese boards to complete the kitchenware.

  The bride won't stay indifferent to lovely lip balms with light coconut odor and splendid compacts so that her makeup would look fresh during the wedding ceremony. Besides, if you are planning a spa party at your bachelorette bash, scented soaps and manicure sets will be an excellent complement. As for the bride, she can keep all these favors in her bag in case of travels, business or family trips.

  To compliment close friends and relatives, you can buy delicate personalized pins and flip-flops. On each item, you can put somebody's name, words or whatever you want. Sometimes brides wear the flip-flops during the wedding ceremony or the honeymoon. Bubble bottles are probably the most unusual favor at parties and weddings. So if you want to have crazy fun and hear squeals of laughter, set these favors at guests' places. That will definitely raise the everybody's mood.

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