Wedding Favors

Wedding Table Favors

  Tableware is not only just a decorative element. It can also be a pleasant gift for guests, as they can take them after the wedding. Stemless wine glasses, flutes, and champagne glasses will look great on the reception tables. You can engrave guests' names and thank them for coming to your celebration. And they will surely love such keepsakes that will remind of that big day. Another way to finish the table decoration is to put coasters under every glass. These accessories are made of glass, cork and glitter carton. Their shapes vary from round to diamond-like. So, your guests will truly appreciate gifts and use such favors for years to come.

Wedding Bridal Favors

  If you scratch your head over presents for a bride and a groom, check our assortment of wedding favors. Add wedding kissing bells to guest place, and they can call for a kiss anytime they like. Each bell has a cardholder so that you can set small cards with a poem and a guest's name in it. Adorable salt and pepper shakers in the shapes of fruit and birds will melt the bride's heart. Moreover, she can use them at any future occasions, such as a baby or a bridal shower. For wine bottles decoration we offer you lovely bottle openers and stoppers. The stopper prevents wine from spoiling and keeps the beverage fresh. The bottle openers will likewise make any celebration extraordinary. You can stick any labels on them or engrave the just-married couple's names.

Wedding Favors for Guests

  Any celebration may become even more memorable with those who are around us. The guests share this magical moment of your life, so, be grateful. Every sweet tooth will adore sweets like jam and honey jars. No one could stay apathetic to cute small candy tins and bins. You can fill these containers with additive candies or trinkets. More than that, you can present favor boxes and bags so that guests could put anything into these gifts. Mini jars and bottles are good for keeping bulk stocks, liquid and tiny things. Adding personalized stickers, you can make these favors more individual. For inveterate travelers, you can prepare luggage tags and write some personal information on blank space. 

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